Jay Ablah Photography

January 10, 2016

Sommer in January

What a beautiful way to start 2016. At home in Wichita Ks, visiting family and friends when one of my closest friends Miss Kacy Meinecke calls me up and asks if I would like to use her new studio for a shoot.

Honored by the offer and coupled with the fact that I had not shot anything at home in a couple of years I decided to take her up on the opportunity and have some fun.

The next task was to find a model.

Three years ago I was afforded the opportunity for just a few shots to work with one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. A true Red Head with a fiery personality and a strong sense of conservatism when it came to her photographic images. Needless to say probably not a candidate for my new book or even my style of shooting.

Never the less I decided to reach out to Miss Sommer to see if she would like to shoot with me again. Much to my pleasure she accepted and we began collaborating on what our upcoming shoot would be. Fashion, Fun, Casual I really didn’t know where to go with Sommer because I was committed to respecting her shared desire that anything we did must be special and classy.

What I didn’t expect was a day of surprises.

Whether it is because I have become A better photographer, Miss Sommer has gotten more comfortable with her beauty, or maybe it was just the rite way to start a new year for both of us. Sommer came to the shoot with an open mind and a willingness to shoot some truly beautiful pictures for my new book.

To say I was honored would not begin to be enough. Sommer trusted me to shoot some of the most beautiful artistic work of my career and has blessed me with the ability to share them with you.

Thank You Sommer