Jay Ablah Photography

February 15, 2016

Pamela Again And Again And Again

Wow what can I say about Pamela Horton. Lots and Lots would be the answer.

First off she is one of my dearest friends and closest confidants.

Secondly she is not only the first professional model I ever shot but she is also the first model I ever paid.

Yes I actually used to have to pay girls to shoot with me occasionally!

Thirdly I am so honored to say that I shot the test shots twice for Miss Pamela Horton, Playboy Playmate October 2012.

Pamela was a girl from my hometown of Wichita, Kansas. I had hired her for a fun day of shooting on a country farm. 10:00 am that fateful Saturday morning while on set, she gets a call from a playboy photographer whom she was suppose to shoot with another day. He couldn’t make it. When she told him she was on a shoot that morning he asked me if I would like to shoot the test shots for her and submit them.

Needless to say the rest is history. And it’s a great history for both Pamela and myself. You should take the time to look her up and follow her. Not only is the playmate pictorial something very special but Pamela has become a celebrity with her Gaming antics and you tube presents thru Playboys Gamer Next Door, and through her own YouTube channel and modeling career. She is one of the most respected Gaming Personalities followed by the ever-growing audience of gamers around the world.

With our busy schedules Pamela and I finding time to relive our past and shoot together is not all that easy.

That being said, we have a life long commitment to each other and for that reason we make time.

Two weeks ago, Monday February 15th 2016 was one of those days, and truly these are days I look forward to with great excitement.

Some of that work you can see rite hear on my web site.