Jay Ablah Photography

As long as I can remember, my father Jay Ablah has always had a love for the arts. From a young age, his extensive world traveling exposed him to some of the greatest artists of all time. Jay spent innumerable hours of his life looking through art publications filled with the greatest works in history. However, while he developed his appreciation for great art, it was the more modern photographic works of art that he found himself most attracted to.

Jay views photography as a postmodern art form reminiscent of the time period we live in today. He believes that fine art photography will find its place in history not dissimilar from a great painting or sculpture from the past. He knew from the moment he first picked up a professional grade camera that he had found the artistic outlet he had been searching for.

Growing from the humble beginnings of experimenting with borrowed camera equipment, to working as equals with some of the greatest photographers today was no easy task. However, Jay’s perseverance, outgoing personality, and willingness to learn and share with others have made him into one of the most notable new photographers of the early twenty-first century.

Professionalism, respect, and integrity are all words synonymous with the name Jay Ablah both in the world of business and in the world of photography. By intentionally limiting his commercial photographic exposure, Jay has been able to maintain an atmosphere on his sets that encourages a fun, laid-back, and above all respectful creative process. Creating works that both he and the model can be proud to call theirs, and having fun creating it, is his highest priorities.

Looking towards the future Jay hopes to continue compiling a series of books displaying his creative journey through photographic art. His enthusiasm to never stop learning and expanding his photographic base continually opens the door to constant self- improvement. His first book, Visions (The First 4 Years), is available now through Blurb, and is a thank you to the models that gave their time, trust, and patience to him throughout the beginning of his photography career.

Outside of photography, Jay spends his time with friends and family enjoying life on the west coast. He currently resides in Los Angeles, one of the great cultural hubs of the western world. However, Jay is always looking for his next great adventure, and with camera in hand you could find him anywhere in the world there is a beautiful subject to capture.

Justin Ablah