Jay Ablah Photography

January 01, 2016

A New Year A New Direction

It may be magic, or then again it might just be in our minds. Something about ringing in the New Year seems to give us all a renewed hope and excitement for what lies ahead.

For me 2016 may just be my most looked forward to year ever. So many exciting things already on the horizon.

The first of which is the launching of this new web site. Seven months in the making it has been a long journey into my past and an opportunity to look forward.

The past has so many great memories that sometimes just looking back to the beginning of my photography career would take me on hours of nostalgic journeys each of which were and are such huge parts of how I have gotten where I am.

The future is a little less defined and that’s what makes it so alluring. Much like the beautiful women I am so blessed to work with, the curves ahead will likely take me on journeys to exotic places, provide me avenues to share my work with you, and work with some of the most recognizable and talented people in the world.

Additionally my 2016 journey will usher in a new look with my Fine Art Photography that I am so excited to shoot and to share with you. This year will certainly bring my new book “Visions Black and White” to life and I will be well on my way with my book “Essentials”.

2016 is also a year for responsibility and commitment. For the first time ever I have agreed to do commercial shooting for pay. Why is this such a big thing you might ask, I will tell you. I have enjoyed the luxuries of having no responsibilities to a client base for my entire career. No time lines, no expectations, and nobody to tell me I was doing it wrong. The only thing that mattered was the collaborative effort of myself and the model I was working with. By shooting commercially for clients I now must atone to others and their needs for the photographic visions for the product or story they are telling. So why am I doing it? I see working with others in this capacity as an opportunity to develop a larger following for my work, the ability to shoot in more wonderful locations, the chance to work with some very talented models and of coarse the opportunity to bring new visions to you.

Needless to say so much ahead for 2016. It’s a journey I am excited about and I hope a journey you will take with me.

Happy New Year